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Grab a buddy and fight it out in this comedic 1-hit fighter.  Just start by selecting your fighters with your mouse and go to town! Keep an eye on the counter, because when the clock hits 0 your characters kick it into overdrive. Players can choose to share a keyboard or grab a controller for a more engaging experience.

Xbox Controller:

Up-Jump, Left-Back, Right-Forward, X-Attack, B-Block

Keyboard Controls:

Player 1: Move- A,D; Tab-Block; Left Shift-Jab

Player2: Move-Left,Right Arrow; P-Block; Right Shift-Attack


  • Davey Jay Belliss - Programmer
  • Justus Dinut - Rigger, Animator
  • Logan Shepard - Model
  • Adrian Pinon - Logo
  • Stephen Ednave - Musician
  • Navid Al Nadvi - Programmer


DoubleUp.zip 149 MB

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2 Player, Fighting game. 1-Hit kill and compatible with controllers